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The "Union des Industries de la Protection des Plantes" (UIPP) has launched the OptiPhytO application for Smartphones (Android and iOs Store), an "easy to use" decision support tool to guide farmers in their objective of reducing point source contamination risks. The OptiPhytO application allows farmers to establish a diagnosis of their practices with regard to the risks of point sources (from the filling of the sprayer to PPP remnants management practices) and guides them in improving their plant protection practices. This application is free and available on all download platforms since May 15th, 2019. OptiPhytO also collects data on plant protection product use practices and equipment at farm level. By consolidating these data at the level of a territory or a watershed, it will help to define and implement specific and effective action plans.


Union des Industries de la Protection des Plantes (UIPP)
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Prevent pollution from point sources, Cleaning of sprayers, Filling of sprayers, Remnant management,