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Leaflet 2021 on PERFORMANCE PULVÉ®

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PERFORMANCE PULVÉ® is a trademark registered by IFV (French Institute for Vine and Wine) which guarantees the performance of the sprayers through ratings on their spray application quality and their potential in terms of Plant Protection Products reduction. PERFORMANCE PULVÉ® is a service designed for wine growers and their advisers to help them choosing their sprayer. The service also provides detailed advicesfor sprayer settingsto optimize performance in terms of protection efficiency. The ratings attributed to sprayers by the PERFORMANCE PULVÉ® service are based on the results of sprayer tests conducted on the EvaSprayViti test bench, an artificial vine ensuring the standardization of spraying tests. The quality of the spraying is evaluated by measuring the quantity of product deposits on the vine and their distribution within the vegetation. At the end of the tests, detailed scores (A+, A, B, and C) and synthetic scores (Class 1 to 7) are given to qualify the sprayers and their settings. All information about the service and qualified sprayers are accessible on the following link: http://www.performancepulve.fr


IFV - Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin
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Spray quality for Plant Protection Products reduction Dose optimization

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