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Project [Cordis/EIP-AGRI/LIFE/Interreg]


Pulverizadores Fede is a technology leader in the production of agricultural machinery for vertical crops found, for example, in orchards and vineyards. As such, we are well positioned to contribute to resource-efficient eco-innovative food production, which is not only good for the environment but is also key for the agricultural sector’s competitiveness with a clear European dimension. Cropland covers almost 25% of the EU (4.4 million Km2) and most of that area is subject to phytosanitary treatment. With the two year H3O project, we bring a completely new generation of plant protection product application devices (sprayers) to market, reducing the amount of product that is released into the environment by 50%. Further, the fine grain adaptation allows saving 38.5% diesel. For a small farmer with 10 hectares of vertical crop this results in product and fuel savings worth 4630 Euros annually. Moreover, the project is meeting key requirements of the EU Directive 2009/128/EC on sustainable use of pesticides and is in line with the food chain industry standard GLOBAL G.A.P.


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