Optimisation of the use of phytosanitary products in viticulture on the basis of vigour maps.

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The elaboration of maps of vegetatio, with specific information on the intraparcelaria variability, the establishment of criteria of establishment of the optimal volume of the application based on the use of the tool of support to the decision DOSAVIÑA, and the elaboration of maps of recommendation of quantity of phytosanitary adapted to the variability of the vegetation allows, as demostrated by recent research work carried out by the Agricultural Mechanisation Unit of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, a rational application of phytosanitary products, a reduction in the amount of pesticide used, significant economic savings and a notable reduction in the risk of environmental pollution.


To minimise, in a demostrative and real way, the use of chemical phytosanitary products in viticulture and to evaluate the practical application of bioprotective alternatives in Spanish vineyards, through the application of existing technologies for the analysis of vegetation and/or vigor maps and highly efficient treatment equipment to optimise chemical treatments and minimise the environmental impact and risk for people and reduce economic cost.


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