Mitigating the Risks of Plant Protection Products in the Environment

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The MagPie workshops aimed at building a toolbox of risk mitigation measures, for use in European countries to accompany pesticide registration for the specific uses of products for which a potential risk of environmental nature has been identified. The toolbox was built based on feedback and expertise contribution collected in the European member states, i.e. based on practical experience gained in the implementation of risk mitigation measures. The workshop then ranked the measures identified during the inventory, using 1) the scientific evidence of their effectiveness at actually mitigating a risk, 2) the technical and financial practicality of the measure to the farmer, 3) the easiness to implement and rely upon, for authorities and regulators and 4) the possibility to be accounted for in risk assessments.


The objective of the MagPie project, an Accompanying Action, is to provide current and potential developers, suppliers and users of multimedia technologies, systems and applications with the information they need about the structure, trends and future evolution of the European multimedia industry and marketplace, in order to help them plan the evolution of their business.


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