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Integrated Management of Pesticides and Liable Exposure with Machinery Executing Needed Treatments

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The goal of the IMPLEMENT project is to develop an interactive training platform for all users and manufacturers, especially farmers, agricultural engineers, agricultural consultants and trainers, including safe machine use, correct application, calibration, adjustment and maintenance and work safety. Within the scope of the project, pilot trainings will be organized with the produced materials to create volunteers for occupational health and safety in the use of plant protection machines.


This is also a requirement for safe and sustainable agriculture. In this context, it can be said that proper and correct use of the machines used in pesticide applications, and proper adjustment and maintenance of the machines, have the preventive effects of pesticides. It should not be forgotten that this is a mandatory application in terms of operator health and safety as well as protection of the environment. In this project, it is aimed to develop innovative applications that take into account the environmental and food safety of the application, as well as providing occupational health and safety in plant protection pesticide applications.


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