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Advanced drift reduction in orchard spraying

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It is important to reduce drift of pesticides in order to minimise environmental pollution, including surface water during spray application. In a series of experiments the reduction in spray drift deposition on the soil surface outside an apple orchard was measured. Measurements were done for a reference situation in the Netherlands, i.e. a cross-flow fan sprayer, equipped with Albuz lilac hollow cone nozzles, and a spraying volume of approximately 200 L ha-I, and a prototype air-assisted sprayer (ISAFRUIT CASA sprayer) that is able to adjust air assistance, change nozzle type and adapt spray volume to measured tree canopy size and density. The effect of air assistance and nozzle type was determined. From the experiments it is concluded that the combination of drift reducing methods consisting of coarse droplets and adjustment of air assistance is an effective method to reduce spray drift in the Netherlands.


Wenneker, M.; Nieuwenhuizen, A. T.; Zande, J. C. van de; Balsari, P.; Doruchowski, G.; Marucco, P.
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Aspects of applied biology - International advances in pesticide application
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