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Drift from fruit sprayers — why not prevent it at source?

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Where the air blows the droplets will surely follow; adjusting airflow to match the growing canopy as the season progresses, is one of the most important aspects of fruit spraying. There are a number of simple methods a grower can adopt to do this, such as changing PTO speed, fitting an air limiting system to the air intake or outlet, or using a variable speed hydraulic motor drive to the fan. At Cornell University we recently developed an adjustable air outlet for traditional axial fan airblast sprayers and tower sprayers. An adjustable louvre has been developed which uses an electric actuator to allow the operator to change air volume to match the changing canopy and reduce drift. This paper describes field trials with canopy sprayers fitted with the adjustable louvres in vineyards in North Eastern USA. Results show drift reduction of up to 71% and improved deposition by up to 82% in vineyards in early season application


Andrew Landers
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Aspects of applied biology - international advances in pesticide application
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